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Paul Koning wrote:

> > On Feb 17, 2017, at 2:35 PM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at> wrote:
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> >> From: Guy Sotomayor Jr
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> >> In terms of community supplied libraries, Eagle has those too and I've
> >> found that by and large they are junk (it's easier/quicker for me to
> >> create a part on my own
> >> ... While I haven't seen a lot of KiCAD contributed libraries (that's
> >> part of the problem)
> > 
> > KiCAD came with a fairly large set of user-contributed libraries. For various
> > reasons (including working with archaic parts), I've wound up adding quite a
> > few, but i've usally found it pretty easy to modify an exising part from the
> > libraries, to get what I need. YMMV.
> One thing I learned with Eagle (an old version -- I started with it on DOS, with a physical license dongle) is that you can define library stuff via scripting.  This is very helpful when defining 120-pin PCB footprints.

I've made pcbnew footprints for PLCC Sockets in the past with some
scripting. In the meantime the footprint format has changed to that
.pretty. I don't had to make footprints with such big pincounts sine
them again, but I don't think they made it simpossible to use scripting
for that at all.
> I don't remember precisely, but I think you can export libraries from Eagle in some sort of text form.  If that's true, then it would be SMOP to write a KiCAD library importer.  The key question is whether the library semantics are compatible.  EAGLE is rather nice in the way it handles schematic symbols vs. footprints and all that.

You can select footprints corrsponding to a part in the schematic editor
for each part. What's the problem?
> I used EAGLE long ago for one project, and more recently for another, but I haven't found it sufficiently useful to buy it a second time to get the non-free version.  Not that I really need the autorouter, it isn't really all that useful.  But still, it's pretty steep for a hobbyist.  I discovered KiCAD, haven't used it yet, should give it a try.
> One nice aspect of EAGLE is that a number of PCB fab shops will accept EAGLE *.BRD files directly, rather than asking for Gerber and drill files.
> 	paul

Why is that nice? This way the pcb company has your "sourcecode".
Besides of that where is the real difference to going to
"File->Plot", Select "Gerber" and push the "Plot" Button?

That can't really be to difficult...


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