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>   - PDF/A is [...]
> Those are all good  archival properties!  However, it's also R/O.

Maybe if you stick  to Adobe's tools.  As demonstrated by this thread,
it's entirely  possible to modify such files, even if the currently-easy
ways to do that  involve a trip through a completely different

I find  it astonishing that anyone would seriously call any documented
file format  read-only.  (If PDF/A isn't documented, then IMO it's not
suitable for  archival under any circumstances.  But this thread makes
it sound as  though it's documented.)

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OK .. (correct me if I am gong in the  wrong direction)  so  the   
important thing is that  there is... 
- data in a format that is readable by others and a  description of  
formats so  if needed a reader can be constructed at a  later date if needed. 

-non-commercial tools to access it  or have the ability to modify  the data 
in the future  for all of  time.
-a reader/writer can be redone to work under  a new operating system  since 
source code is freely available  for it?

....  yea...  makes  sense...
I do  know  what I  do in any given week here  is not  necessary  for the 
present  but  for  years and   sometimes lifetimes   far removed  from the 
present   moment.
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