New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!

Holm Tiffe holm at
Sun Feb 19 11:01:48 CST 2017

Philipp Hachtmann wrote:

> >
> > For sure there are many things still todo for the KiCad people, but this
> > nose high attitude "thats vor arduino people only" is the wrong thing
> > for sure.. (german saying: Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall)
> Haha, you probably got me wrong. I never even tried out KiCAD - because 
> I had no idea why I should try out something else in the moment.
> > It could do much much more and much better than what you pay for it.
> I am not sure. I have read about no tight coupling between schematic and 
> board. That's a no-go for me.

..and this is simply wrong.
Most eagle users are complaining aboZ
ut a not so tight coupling between the schematic symbols and the
footprint (which you can change in the schematic editor or in a program
called cvpcb) and this is a entirely different thing. 

> > Do you want to know how eagles UI feels from my point of view?

yes .. but from far away. :-)
> It's a well known disaster for newcomers. Many completely un-logic 
> aspects. Evil pitfalls in the schematic editor. The strangest copy and 
> paste mechanisms.
> But... If you are throgh that. And have already forgotten how 
> frustrating Eagle's UI once was... everything is fine then.
> I really love the console input on Eagle. I can do many things by just 
> typing in commands. Normal work does not involve pulldown menus.
> Wen I first encountered eagle it was running under DOS. No windows. 
> Don't remember if there was a schematic editor. And not much to click.
> :-)

To this times I've used Orcad on a Robotron EC1834 :-) It don't even had
a mice, I've managed to use a graphics tablet (K6405) for that but it
wasn't rally neccessary.

Nevertheless, I don't think that I want to push you to use KiCad,
but you _really_ should change your attitude about it. This isn't really
playing stuff for kids anymore..
simply watch some of the youtube videos explainig that push and shove
router, that is a really nice thing I don't want to miss anymore.
For sure you will find out that KiCad isn't eagle, but it never wanted
it to be..



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