New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!

Holm Tiffe holm at
Fri Feb 17 15:36:16 CST 2017

Alan Hightower wrote:

> Being a long time Eagle user, I'll chime in too. Most responses from
> KiCAD advocates miss the mark on the fundamental issue. Sure the
> features are converging and I have no doubt KiCAD will catch-up. It has
> already surpassed Eagle in many feature areas. But people who routinely
> spend dozens of hours a week doing eCAD work (> than a hobbyist), use
> their tool as a super-efficient extension of their workflow intent. To
> suddenly switch to a tool with an entirely different workflow or UI
> mechanics is like a right handed person trying to relearn how to do
> everything left handed. It's takes a really long frustrating time. Maybe
> even longer than if you didn't know Eagle, Altium, Cadence, DS5000, etc
> to begin with. 
> My hope is the KiCAD community would see this as an opportunity to
> significantly grow the user base by adding conversion tools and UI
> improvements designed to help new-comers from other tools transition
> more easily; even prioritize them short-term over additional new
> features. Even vi and emacs have mutual key-binding compatibility modes
> designed to ease transitions - and the user base couldn't be more
> divided on pride. 

Who should made those tools if not the people that needs them you?
And why you think should KiCad priorize your wishes over new features or
the others? YOU want this, do it.

I'm not a full time layouter but that KiCad thing fits my needs very
well. I can do commercial stuff w/o pay thousend Dollars to someone to
have a software handy (not for owning it like before Autodesk was the
owner) that connects every now and then to a license Server on the net...
..and is doing what exactly? Nothanks.

> I find the KiCAD UI 'clunky' and it really isn't. It's only clunky
> coming from my Eagle point of view. 
> -Alan 

For sure there are many things still todo for the KiCad people, but this
nose high attitude "thats vor arduino people only" is the wrong thing
for sure.. (german saying: Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall)

It could do much much more and much better than what you pay for it.

I had a KiCad development version for approx a year running on my
FreeBSD Host that I'm using for my delay work, updated for a week or so
and I can say de biggest difference to the previous version is a well
sorted and big footprint libraryw with many additional 3D Extensions!
Maybe you should have a look again.

I've used the predecessor of KiCad's PCBnew (simply PCB) before KiCad,
it had no Schematics Editor but could use Netlists, wasn't restriced in
PCB sizes and could do 6 layers (more than I ever would need). I've done
footprints on my own in the what?

Do you want to know how eagles UI feels from my point of view?


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