Amateur Radio use of Teleprinters (was Re: New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!)

Eric Smith spacewar at
Thu Feb 16 03:07:10 CST 2017

I wrote:

> The FCC order authorizing Amateur Radio use of ASCII went into effect in
> March of 1980, but at the moment I can't track down a copy of the actual
> order.

Found it.  "Deregulation of Part 97 of the Rules Regarding Emissions
Authorized in the Amateur Service", Third Report and Order, Docket No.
20777, 45 Fed. Reg. 8990-8992, published February 11, 1980, effective March
17, 1980.

PDF of the order:

Replaces entirety of §97.69 "Digital Transmissions".  Doesn't use the term
RTTY. Doesn't make any general distinction between ITA2 and ASCII, except
in details of baud rates, emission types, and frequency shifts. Allows ITA2
at 60, 67, 75, or 100 WPM (45, 50 56.25, or 75 bauds). Allows ASCII with F1
emission at no more than 300 bauds between 3.5 and 21.25 MHz, with F1, F2,
or A2 emission at no more than 1200 bauds between 28 and 225 MHz, and F1,
F2 or A2 emission at no more than 19.6 kilobauds above 420 MHz.

The requirements have been further relaxed since that time.

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