New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!

Tony Duell ard.p850ug1 at
Thu Feb 16 00:29:02 CST 2017

>> and 5 bit stuff almost unheard-of.
> In the US, common for hams, not common for computers. Maybe they were
> common for computers in the early 1960s.

I think at one time radio amateurs (at least over here) had to use 5 bit ITA2
machines for RTTY. It may even be to this day that RTTY implies that, and
that ASCII is classed as 'data'. But the 5 level machines that were used over
here tend to be Creeds (Creed 7s, 75s and 444s mostly).

The RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain, a bit like the ARRL) 'Teleprinter
Handbook' (on RTTY operation) does have some details of things like the
Teletype 28, so I guess some made it over here, but I've yet to see one.

>> OK, we do see BRPE
>> punches from time to time.
> I'd really like to get one of those!

I think shipping one is out of the question. Anyway, mine have 240V 50Hz


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