need (physical) key for Sun SPARCserver 1000e

Jerry Kemp other at
Wed Feb 15 00:54:49 CST 2017


This list isn't the only media I have made the request for a physical key on.

Although I don't feel that rare is the correct term for this system, I believe 
that even in their day, SPARCServer 1000's (and 2000's) weren't necessarily 
common commodities.  There were (3) total Sun4d models; the 1000, the 2000 and 
the Cray CS6400.  A bare bones, single processor 1000's started at $37,000 with 
well optioned systems well into the 6 figure range, in 1992 dollars.

Other sources, where else was that key used?  Aside from the SPARCserver 2000, 
the other place that key was used was primarily in tape storage devices of that 

Unfortunately, I don't run into many tape drive collectors.

Thanks again for your interest.

On 02/14/17 10:54 PM, Sam O'nella wrote:
> Perhaps a silly question but have you poked around local social media for a
> local unix group? Or a local craigslist ad for someone to borrow a key? I
> wouldn't think they'd be thst uncommon although admittedly I also
> stopped/paused a project for similar lack of results a while back (much
> different system though).

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