New batch of pdp8 OMNIBUS to USB interface! Please Read and react!

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Tue Feb 14 15:14:21 CST 2017

On 14.02.2017 20:09, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> I'm restoring a Model 19 teletype with a friend, so I happen to _need_
> a 45.5 baud serial port that spits 5-level Baudot...

A model 19?
I have some model 28 ASR and KSR (ASCII), and of course 33. And some 
Lorenz Lo15 which are license built model 15s. Like them a lot.
Are you sure that it's 45.5 baud?!? The normal telex networks operates 
on 50 baud. 45.5 baud is for RTTY.

A normal UART16550 can at least output 5N2 at 50 baud (yes, two stop 
bits!!) and of course 8n2 at 110 baud for the ASCII teletypes...

I also could just hook up another teleprinter off my shelf of teleprinters.

Two or three of my machines can be seen working in the movie Operation 
Valkyrie with Tom Cruise :-)
But I lost track which ones in the room. Not all were working so the 
machines were moved without the covers several times. In the end they 
were sorted, of course...


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