tu58fs - oversized TU58 tapes under XXDP and RT-11

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at t-online.de
Sun Feb 12 02:43:59 CST 2017


tu58fs 1.1 now supports oversized TU58 tape images, with capacity up to 
32MB instead of 256KB.

This was easy to made for XXDP. Under RT-11 the DD.SYS driver must be 
patched and reinstalled, tu58fs now handles this

The GITHUB release at https://github.com/j-hoppe/tu58fs/releases 
contains 2 new demos:
"demo_xxdp_oversize" packs the whole XXDP25 RL02 disk content onto an 
emulated tu58
"demo_rt11_oversize" boots a full RT-11 installation from TU58, and 
mounts a 2nd tape full of games.

Docs at http://retrocmp.com/tools/tu58fs were updated.

And I feel pretty empty now ... hope you love it!


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