SunOS 3.5 and SMD disks

Dennis Grevenstein dennis.grevenstein at
Sat Feb 11 05:26:17 CST 2017


I recently acquired an old Sun3 with a Fujitsu Eagle disk. This disk has
SunOS 3.5 on it. Parts of the installation were missing, though. I wanted
to build a new kernel with SCSI support and extracted the sys stuff
from a 3.5EXPORT release tape. My machine however runs plain 3.5.
I can build a new kernel, but some things won’t worked like allowing
logins when a password is set.
Is there anyone out there who could provide me with a tar of /usr/sys
from a complete working SunOS 3.5 running on sun3?

As a second question: The SunOS boot disk is a Fujitsu Eagle that
often reports errors. I have a second Eagle that I might use as a backup,
but I would have to reformat the second disks. How can I do that with
SunOS 3.5? There is no „format“ command apparently.


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