LMI Lambda?

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at gnu.org
Thu Feb 9 08:06:53 CST 2017

   However, doesn’t developing the emulator make you an accessory to the violation? 

Emulators are fully legal to write, maintain and develop in the US and
EU.  What is illegal is the distribution of copyrighted material.  For
example, any boot ROM would have to be stripped, software to get the
emulator running, etc etc unless a license from the copyright holder
has been granted.  On the other hand, dumping the ROMS, software, etc
from a disk is fully legal under fair use statues if you already have
legal access to the original.

   Nobody is going to buy the excuse that my hypothetical lispm
   emulator has any use other than to infringe on
   TI/Symbolics/Gigamos/etc’s copyrights.

Legal precedent has already decided that emulators are fully legal
with the jurisdictions of the EU and USA.

   And even if they do, I'd still have to show up in court to defend
   myself, and lawyers don’t work for free. Even if I could get EFF or
   someone to defend me, I’d still be burning their money, and I’m
   sure they have better things to spend it on than me.

You are never safe from frivolous lawsuites though.  Even if you do
something that is fully legal, you might stil get sued.

Copyright law is stupid in many regards.

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