need (physical) key for Sun SPARCserver 1000e

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Thu Feb 9 14:16:51 CST 2017

Or, you could just open up the box and replace the switch with one that doesn't
require a key.


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On Thu, Feb 09, 2017 at 12:29:17AM -0600, Jerry Kemp wrote:
> ...
> >>I was informed that the key I need is part #330-1651 .
> >>
> >>This key was shared by the SS1000, SC2000, StorEdge L1000, StorEdge L140,
> >>StorEdge L400, SPARCstorage Library Model 8/400, 8/140, and possibly other
> >>hardware of that vintage.

> Thanks for the reply.  I did just go try.  No luck though.
> Given that I now have a P/N for the key, and that it was used across
> a wide assortment of equipment, right now, I'm feeling pretty
> confident that one will pop up somewhere.
> Only time will tell.

I believe I have the correct key. Although I no longer have my 1000e,
I still have a storage box which uses this key, so I'm not ready to
part with it yet. I'm 95% sure this key fit my 1000e, but it has been
a few years.

I thought maybe having a picture would help in finding the correct key.

> Worse case, maybe its a legitimate justification to purchase one of
> those lock pick sets I see on the Internet.  :)

I also remember successfully turning the keyswitch on my 1000e using a
small screwdriver and a paperclip. There is a knack to getting the
pins to stick in the right places while applying just slight turning
pressure with the screwdriver. You may be able to unlock the keyswitch
if you read about pin tumbler locks, no official "picks" necessary.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark at, KC3DRE

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