RL02 version of UNIX6?

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 21:00:15 CST 2017

> >
> > I have made the bootable RL01 image and it works in simH.  I have
> > BB-L974F-BC_RSX11M_4.5_BRU64K.tap in place but what kind of tape device
> do
> > I set in simH to attach it?  I need to attach prior to booting and the
> > within RSX11/M
> >
>         If you’ve set the simH to an 11/40 you can attach it to tq0 before
> booting. It will
>         boot a standalone system so the tape is no longer needed after the
> boot. I was
>         unable to successfully boot the tape in less than 256KB so make
> sure you have
>         sufficient memory enabled.

Summary of results, running simH on a $9.95 Next Thing Co CHIP.

1.  I built an RL01 disk with RSX11/M that boots within simH using the
files I found online.

set cpu 11/40
set cpu 64K
set rl0 writeenabled
set rl0 rl01
set rl1 writeenabled
set rl1 rl01
set rl2 writeenabled
set rl2 rl01
set rl3 writeenabled
set rl3 rl01
attach rl0 rsxm32.rl01
attach rl1 excprv.rl01
attach rl2 mcrsrc.rl01
attach rl3 rlutil.rl01
boot r1

1.5. Within RSX11/M make it boot into the mapped version each time -

            >   ins $boo
            >   boo [1,54]rsx11m

2.  I installed a blank RL02 disk (rlRSX11M.dsk is a blank RL02)

3.  I downloaded the tape from bitsavers with the program that copies from
RL01 to RL02

4.  Created a simh script to load up the tape. I called it

set cpu 11/40
set cpu 256K
set rl0 writeenabled
set rl0 rl01
set rl1 writeenabled
set rl1 rl02
attach rl0 rsxm32.rl01
attach rl1 rlRSX11M.dsk
attach TQ0 -r BB-L974F-BC_RSX11M_4.5_BRU64K.tap
b TQ0

This took me into the tape utlity.    I set the date and then entered the

        first device is dl0:
        second device is dl1:

> run bru
BRU> /init dl0: dl1:

5.  I fired up PDPGUI and used the Tools --> Read/write disk images utility
to copy the RL02 disk to an actual RL02 disk on my PDP 11/40

I then checked and saw there is a wash running, my PDP 11/40 shares the
washing machine circuit so I have to wait until the wash completes, it
takes a number of hours to copy the disk via PDPGUI so I will probably do
this in the morning.



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