Cromemco disk question

william degnan billdegnan at
Sun Feb 5 06:04:56 CST 2017

On Feb 5, 2017 6:21 AM, "Richard Cini" <rich.cini at> wrote:
> Thanks Bill. I downloaded a few of them…none of the smaller ones fully
booted (only the 16K BASIC got to the “Standby” message) on my test setup
but I could read and write the disks using the RDOS monitor and it
partially passed the “T” test (it stopped with a sector error half-way).
I’m using a TM100-2A drive (DSDD 360K 5.25”). So, I think I feel good that
the board works. I would have loved to get it to fully boot into something
but it’s probably close enough for now.
> Thanks!
> Rich

Glad to hear.

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