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On 02/02/2017 23:49, "Jim Brain" <brain at jbrain.com> wrote:

> On 2/2/2017 5:21 PM, Chris Hanson wrote:
>> On Feb 2, 2017, at 10:43 AM, Fritz Mueller <fritzm at fritzm.org> wrote:
>>> I bought a used 1662 off eBay for cheap, and it has been indispensable for
>>> the work I've been doing on a PDP-11.  I think the external clock is often a
>>> pretty critical feature in being able to sensibly interpret traces.
>>> Sophisticated triggering is also very useful for catching a suspected
>>> misbehaving chip in the act.
>>> I had considered some of the more modern USB options at the time because it
>>> seemed they would be convenient, but in the end I opted for a used
>>> old-school tool because it had the features I needed at less actual cost.  I
>>> have not regretted the decision -- super useful tool!
>> My HP 1660CS with Ethernet has ensured I¹m not even remotely interested in
>> one of the USB options, between having 136 channels and way higher bandwidth.
>> Even one of the models without Ethernet would be worthwhile since they¹re
>> straightforward to interface with via serial or GPIB.
>>    -- Chris
> Hmm, I'm not sure I'd say that.  I have a 1650, but the memory depth is
> not enough to quickly grab issues.  A Logic or Logic 16 can dump a ton
> of data into the PC, where it is easy to look at.

My chinese clone is of a Logic 16, I couldn't afford a genuine one since
they're ukp500 at least. Obviously caveat emptor, but that's out of my
league as a hobbyist.

Currently looking at HP1670G's in the US since they're reasonable assuming
the shipping and import charges are as quoted. Also a fellow collector is
loaning me a zeroplus 16 channel to try so that's another avenue to explore,
and there's the DSLogic Pro too which was supposed to be open hardware/open
source but development on that one stalled in 2015 and the current lot on
e*ay seem to be clones too.

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