RL02 version of UNIX6?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Feb 2 16:28:29 CST 2017

    > From: Allison

    > for laughs I wandered over to:
    > To see if the copy of V6 on RL02 is still there.... yep it is.

There are actually plenty of builds out there that run on RL11s, e.g.:


includes "A V6 RL02 bootable on a 11/23. Kernel is built for a 11/23, 2
RL02's, and 2 RX02's"; and my V6, running under Ersatz-11, is also an
RL-based system.

The real issue with mixing and matching kernels and disks is that since the
RL was not a standard device (as far as 'mkconf' went), the RL's can have
different major device numbers on different systems.

This does not stop the system from _booting_, since internally there will be
consistency, but consistency between the OS and file system is another
matter: e.g. trying to mount another drive (or any other use of /dev/rl? or
/dev/rrl?) may not work, since the device inodes for /dev/rl? might have the
wrong major device numbers in them.

    > and it runs on a 11/23 just fine

Must be a slightly modified V6 - totally stock V6 will panic when it can't
find a clock (unless there's a BDV11), or NXM when it tries to touch the
switch register.

And for machines with no BDV11, I had to turn the clock off while booting;
the first time I tried to boot on a simulated 11/23, my totaly stock vanilla
V6 apparently took a timer interrupt during the boot process and went wayyyy
South, totally smashing the file system in the process. Not sure how the one
above dealt with this...


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