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Adrian Graham witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk
Thu Feb 2 13:11:13 CST 2017

On 02/02/2017 18:43, "Fritz Mueller" <fritzm at fritzm.org> wrote:

> I bought a used 1662 off eBay for cheap, and it has been indispensable for the
> work I've been doing on a PDP-11.  I think the external clock is often a
> pretty critical feature in being able to sensibly interpret traces.
> Sophisticated triggering is also very useful for catching a suspected
> misbehaving chip in the act.
> I had considered some of the more modern USB options at the time because it
> seemed they would be convenient, but in the end I opted for a used old-school
> tool because it had the features I needed at less actual cost.  I have not
> regretted the decision -- super useful tool!

Cheers Fritz, given that I'll only ever be working on this era kit I too
think the old-skool approach might be better.

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