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On 02/02/2017 04:26, "Glen Slick" <glen.slick at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Whilst looking for better quality units I came across a couple of 'proper'
>> HP/Agilent analysers, a 1663A 34 channel and 1661A 102 channel which seem
>> complete apart from the chip leg grabbers. Am I right to assume some of you
>> might have experience of these beasts?
> For debugging something like an 8085 CPU system you could connect up
> the analyzer to the CPU and if you capture traces in state mode
> (address, data, and status signals clocked in by RD, WR, or INTA
> edges) the 8085 inverse assembler software running on the analyzer can
> decode the bus transactions into the 8085 instruction stream.

That would be excellent to see, all I can do at the moment is fake an
external clock by using the RD signal and duplicate one of the higher
address lines (A12 currently) to make up for losing one channel since it's
only a 16 channel analyser. Then I run that through a 'simple parallel'
decoder which eventually gives me a set of addresses which happen to match
my disassembled code.

I guess for a sanity check I could watch the CPU on a PET or Apple][ since I
do have the full code listings for those.
> Too bad you're not local. I could make you a good deal on a bigger
> 16500B system. I have more of those than I need. Unfortunately the
> cost to ship one is close to or may even exceed their current market
> value, just within the US.

Indeed, looking at e*ay there's an almost-complete 1670G in the US with
working hard drive that appears to 'just' be missing the pods/grabbers. If
the shipping and import costs are correct the whole thing would cost me
ukp250. For ukp100 less than that I can get a complete 1663A in the UK.

I'm amazed I don't appear to know anyone in the UK with a spare one for sale

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