RL02 version of UNIX6?

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 15:12:46 CST 2017

>     > I'd like to get another M7891, mine is only 1/2 populated.
> Oh, so that must have been 64KW - 128KB. That will give you plenty of room
> for
> a decent-sized kernel, and user processes. Wonder why it won't boot, then?
It "boots" to the ! prompt at least there's that.

> Anyway, those are pretty rare. I have a couple of spare M7847's; they're
> only
> 32KB, but they'd help. You've got a couple of spare hex MUD slots now in
> the
> DD11-C, right? Speaking of which, where is the M7891 plugged in? It
> couldn't
> go in the DD11-B, or in the CPU backplane?
The half-populated M7891 is plugged into the DD11-CF, slot 3.  I am unsure
if one can put an M7891 into a slot that has no NPG jumper installed, so I
always use slot 3 for this card in the DD11-CF.   I would have to check, or
whether I can put this card into a DD11-B or a slot without the NPG

>     > typing anything kills the CPU and I have to restart the system..
> Sorry, need exact details: after the '!' prompt, anything you type kills
> the system on the first character? Or only "rlunix<CR>" does? How about
> "foobar<CR>"? I'd have to look at the bootstrap source, but I think
> typing a non-existing file name should take you back to the top-level
> prompt.
Typing *anything* kills the system.  When I type say rlunix or foobar or
whatever and hit enter, the prompt returns to the next line and the CPU
stops.  The system crashes, unresponsive, requiring restart from the front


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