Please identify this circuit board

Rick Bensene rickb at
Wed Feb 1 10:57:55 CST 2017

Mr. Havermout wrote:

> Can someone identify this circuit board? It's some sort of magnetic core
> memory. I've had this for ages and I've always wondered what it is and
> where it comes from.

Whatever this was, it appears that it has been scavenged for parts over time.  Many components appear to be missing.

It seems  to me from looking at the board carefully  that it could be a small wire-rope ROM, or, perhaps the cores (one module has its cover removed exposing the large ferrite rings) serve as pulse transformers for magnetic core that resides on another circuit board.

If it is a small wire-rope read-only memory, it appears that it could be a 16x16 ROM, perhaps hard wired for some kind of small bootstrap loader or the like.
It looks like there are 16 wire drivers (two of the driver transistors are missing), and 16 sense amplifiers.

If it isn't a ROM, then it could be a driver/sense amp board, with some row/column driver transistors, steering diodes, and pulse transformers for a core array located on another board plugged into the backplane of whatever this was in.

I'm not entirely sure which one of these it is, but it's likely one or the other.

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Museum

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