RT-11 Basic source available

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Feb 1 08:55:18 CST 2017

    > Here:
    >   http://ana-3.lcs.mit.edu/~jnc/tech/pdp11/macro.tar
    > is a tar file with the whole works, along with the MACRO-11 source.

BASIC is not ready yet, and won't be for a few days. The problem is that I
can't get it to assemble into a working version, which I would like to do,
before sending it out.

I _think_ that what happened is we made some change in the toolchain, to
support other things we were doing, and one of them 'broke' re-building BASIC
- except that since nobody was actually _doing_ anything with BASIC, we had no
reason to re-build it - and so nobody noticed we had 'broken' it.

If someone's desperate to get their hands on this, let me know, and I can go
ahead and send out what I have, with the proviso that you can't build a
working version from the MACRO-11 source at this point.

    > If the first person to try MACRO could send me feedback, to see if the
    > whole process works, I'd be grateful.

Did anyone grab the MACRO-11 TAR and try it yet?


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