Diablo 3x pictures

dwight dkelvey at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 11:10:47 CDT 2017

I'll have to give mine a look. I hate that foam.


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Subject: Diablo 3x pictures

Was working on some Drives this week, and took some pictures of it disassembled.

The prefilter was orange crumblefoam. I took a look at my NOS ones and they have
a greenish prefilter that still appears to be OK. The gasket going up to the plastic
basket that holds the pack is crublefoam as well. I'm going to try some 3/8" x 1/2"
Norprene foam strip as a replacement, with polyurethane glue over the seam.

The door latch and load lamp is driving me nuts. Dug out my extender card this morning
to try and figure out why the driver transistors aren't turning on. Tranistors, diodes
are fine, and the J9 board that drives it works in another drive.

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