Attaching DEC Handles, the Right Way

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at
Wed Apr 26 16:06:55 CDT 2017

> It's one of these:

Glad to hear it was saved from the scrap heap! A very cool machine, reminds me of the manual punch we had to go along with our trip punch at a previous job.

> Stu Phillips, a friend of ours did the insertion of metal metal Southco 
> extractor handles on our boards for the Microdata 1600. 

> That business came from him owning an injection molding machine and 
> someone asking him to make the handles.

The blue handles on the MDB Unibus prototyping boards I've got are Stu Phillips handles. They are indeed riveted on, but I don't know if MDB did their own riveting. With the amount of DEC-compatible stuff they made, it wouldn't surprise me.


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