TRS-80 Model 12 versus 16B

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Wed Apr 26 00:28:43 CDT 2017

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>Jim, I'll have a 16B at VCF-SE this weekend. You take as close a look as
>you want. It has a single slim 8" drive, an internal 15MB hard disk, and
>an external 5 MB hard disk. It also has the 68K card stack with 768KB
>RAM. I don't have a keyboard for it though. I bought a 16 keyboard
>thinking it would work at the time; then hit the cabling problem.
>Does anyone know if the 16 keyboard circuitry will work with a 16B if I
>created a custom cable?

It-should-  but it¹s been a long long time since I¹ve had my hands on a 16
and 6000.

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