TRS-80 Model 12 versus 16B

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>On 4/25/2017 9:47 PM, Peter Cetinski wrote:
>> The 16B released around 1984 is essentially a factory upgraded Model 12
>>with the card cage and the 6Mhz MC68000 subsystem consisting of a CPU
>>card and 1 or more 16 bit memory cards.  The 16B for a time was the best
>>selling Unix workstation in the world.
>So, the 16B has the KB conn on the machine, but the KB?
>And, the 16B has the Z80 motherboard, witht eh 68K in the cage?
>> The 6000 released in 1985 was a slightly enhanced 16B with the biggest
>>difference being the upgrade to an 8Mhz MC68000.  This system allowed
>>you to run XENIX 3.x and address up to 1MB of RAM.
>I thought the 16B could also do 1MB of RAM?
>Can the 6000 still run the Z80 Oses (like TRSDOS II and such)?  (I
>assume so, since you noted that all units of this entire line used a Z80
>for IO)

Yes they can, plus there were a couple versions of cp/m 68k for them plus
software to use the 68k plus ram as a ramdisk

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