Looking for TRS-80 Model parts (and/or someone in the Phoenix, AZ area)

Geoffrey Reed geoffr at zipcon.net
Tue Apr 25 02:55:00 CDT 2017

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>> On Apr 24, 2017, at 7:37 AM, Peter Cetinski <pete at pski.net> wrote:
>>> Just  picked up a TRS-80 Model 12, and it boot to the "insert disk
>>> prompt" ...  Yay!
>>> Jim
>> You can find the MC68000 board set (you¹ll need a CPU board and at
>>least one memory board) on eBay quite often.  In most cases, it will be
>>the Model 16 6Mhz board which will allow you to run TRS-XENIX 1.x.  If
>>you¹re lucky, you¹ll find the Model 6000 8Mhz board which will allow you
>>to run Xenix 3.2.  Finding a card cage is the hard part.  These are
>>extremely rare but do pop up from time to time.  There is another option
>>called the Hans-02 and 03 adapters created by Hans Rietveld which is a
>>modern replacement for the card cage.  You can find them on Ian Mavric¹s
>> http://ianmav.customer.netspace.net.au/Hans/
>Correction: You¹d want the Hans 03 and 04
>In regards to the keyboard, the later Model 12/16B/6000 keyboards are
>hard to find.  The Model II keyboard is more common.  You can easily use
>the Model II/16 keyboard with these by creating a new 5pin DIN cable and
>switching a few of the keyboard input pins and swapping the gender of the

In the ³spare² sectors on the xenix 3.2 media there is information on
hooking a Tandy 2000? Keyboard to a 16/6000 I forget which disk it is on
:(  was told about it years ago by the xenix specialist at a RS computer
center store

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