Looking for TRS-80 Model parts (and/or someone in the Phoenix, AZ area)

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Sun Apr 23 22:21:43 CDT 2017

is the 12 the thing that looks like  a  trs 80 mod  2   in size? if  so i 
have some
what is the history behind  your  unit!?!?!?!?!?!?
Yes---  I am in Phx!  Ed# 
In a message dated 4/23/2017 8:14:33 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
cctalk at classiccmp.org writes:

Just  picked up a TRS-80 Model 12, and it boot to the "insert disk 
prompt" ...  Yay!

But, no card cage, and no KB (and no disks, but those might be  easier to 

Found a seller of a model 12 with these items, but  local pickup only.

I'd like to get this unit up to the Model 16 specs,  with Xenix on it.  I 
see the cards are available, but without the  cage, no joy.


Jim  Brain
brain at jbrain.com

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