SWTPC WAV or TAP files?

Brad H vintagecomputer at bettercomputing.net
Sun Apr 23 00:17:02 CDT 2017

Hi there,


I was wondering if anyone knew of a repository that had SWTPC tape files
archived (as .WAV, .TAP, etc).  The 6800 system I am presently using is
wired according to original SWTPC specs and does not have a DB25.. so I
cannot simply switch cables from CT1024 to PC terminal like I could with my
other unit.  I'd really like to make use of the AC30 also for a more
authentic experience and was hoping someone had wavs archived somewhere so I
could play them into the AC30 with my phone or something and then record to
actual tape.  For the last couple of evenings I have been manually entering
in the data for TSC BASIC from a txt file Bill Degnan was kind enough to
post.. just doing as much as I can stand to and then saving progress to
tape.  Eventually when it's finished I'll make a wav archive and just use
tape to load it.  Obviously I wouldn't want to do that for every program
though.  Anyway, I know someone on vcfed at one point was talking of setting
up an archive and even had made copies of Tic Tac Toe and 680 BASIC.  Hoping
someone out there knows where those and/or more might be found, or if
there's another way (say using two MP-C/S cards) to pull in S19 files and
then record via AC-30 to tape.


Thanks muchly!





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