For sale?: early 1980's Charles River Data System "Universe 68" in southern California.

steven stengel tosteve at
Mon Apr 17 16:44:24 CDT 2017

Years ago, a retired business man living in Santa Ana, California, closed his data processing business [Retail Business Sytems] and stored the computer equipment at his residence.

Ths system is very clean and was maintained regularily when in use in the 80's.
He'd like to get some money for this system, but will donate if required.Let me know if you're interested, or have any advise. 

-- Charles River Data System "Universe 68" System
-- Century Data System [AMS 571] storage drive 615MB HD
-- Cipher Cache Tape [M990] Tape Drive with tapes
-- 3 Wyse 50 moniters with keyboards-- Cables, etc, and *all factory manuals*.
This systems has 8-inch floppy, 615MB hard drive, and tape back-up.
I don't currently know specific model numbers, etc, but here's some PDFs from the web:
Actual system pics available here:


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