Kennedy 9000 Tape Drives, Terminals and Packs

Earl Baugh earl at
Mon Apr 17 13:40:32 CDT 2017

I was helping out someone here locally to dig thru a pile of electronics
that he had obtained in helping out a woman clean out her house.

Her husband passed away and she wanted the space back.  Apparently the
husband "somehow" dealt in HW repair.
A good number of the items were known broken spares, Shugart 1004 drives
(about 36) and a couple tandem floppies.
Those he found a new home for.

There were a few items that I told him I'd help circulate info on since
they are a bit more specialized
 (I'm just trying to help him liquidate the items, he is surprising the
woman who he got it from with a cash gift when this is done)

1) 2 NOS Kennedy 9000 series tape drives.   I checked, they look pristine.
There was an invoice that says they're Kennedy 9000-3, 4s models.

2) 9 drive packs. marked ATHANA, which may be RK05 packs (I couldn't find
any markings on them to indicate what size, etc.)

3) Lastly he has two Visual 50 terminals.

This is all in the Atlanta area, so if you have any interest, let me know
and I can relay information to him.
Obviously the Kennedy drives would cost a bit to ship...



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