Remex Tape Reader - Pre-power up advice?

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sun Apr 16 21:17:40 CDT 2017

On 4/16/2017 11:28 AM, Anders Nelson via cctalk wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I recently impulse-bought a paper tape reader from eBay, a Remex
> RRS6500BE1/660/DRB/U901
> Link:
> Pictures:
I have a half a dozen of these.  A friend used them to punch tapes for 
an automatic wire wrap machine (actually 3 of those) for his business.

When we went to Remex in the early 80's in Irvine for service they had 
probably 100 in the pipeline for rebuild for the Air Force. They were 
used extensively for a very long time with AWACS and other systems the 
AF had, and that kept the service part of Remex running for a long time.

I don't know if anyone took that over, but it may still be around here 
in Orange County.

The colors of the unit you have identifies it as one that was 
potentially built for Microdata.  The putty color matches the 1600 front 

The CHM website is fubar for me today, or I'd send a larger photo. The 
panel strip thru the middle is the same color.

The usual Remex i've seen I think have either black and silver or blue 
and silver.  Or other OEM colors.

Nice find.

Please update here, or to me directly as you work on it.  My units were 
used up thru the 90's and have newer service dates, and my not have the
capacitor problem, but not worth taking chances.


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