WTB: DEC Rainbow Expansion Memory

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 10:56:59 CDT 2017

> Rainbow Memory Extension Option Installation Guide:    EK-PCMKE-IN
> …Two versions of the memory extension option are available: a 64 K byte
> option (part number PC1XX-AA) and a 192K byte option (part number
> PC1XX-AB). The memory option is installed in the J6 connector …
> …       Both versions of the memory extension option use the same printed
> circuit board etch and the same type of 6kK x 1 bit memory chips. … the
> 192K byte version contains twenty-seven 64K x 1 bit chips arranged as three
> 64K byte memory stacks. ...
>         From my Rainbow Owner’s manual 1st ed. Sept 1983, Appx. C, Table
> C-1
>> 64K byte memory board option:   PC1XX-AC
> 256K byte memory board option:  PC1XX-AD
> 64K byte memory component kit (9 chips) PC1XX-AY
> 256K byte memory component kit (9 chips)        PC1XX-AZ
>         Hope  this helps.

Just chiming in...I am the person who provided Warner with the VENIX
disks.  I probably have more RAM than I need in my machines (I have three
and I think I have an A, B, and a regular Rainbow here.  All of this talk
has peaked my interest to set mine up and see if the new Rainbow I just got
this week works.  In addition to VENIX I have a lot of other disks and

Not saying I plan to sell anything in particular, but once I assess my
systems and get one good maxed out working system going I will probably
sell off the spare parts.


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