TRS-80 curiosity

Kelly Leavitt kelly at
Wed Apr 12 14:36:45 CDT 2017

> > So, I just picked up an MISE from Bartlett Labs (cause I really liked
> > the M3SE I had) and decided to revive one of my TRS-80 MOdel I's.
> > In my box of "stuff" I found an interesting ribbon cable the function
> > of which I don't know.  It is a 40 pin to 50 pin ribbon cable with a
> > black box connecting them that is labeled TANDY.  I know of nothing
> > the Tandy made that used a 50 pin connector other than a hard disk.
> > Could that be what this is for?  Anybody ever seen one?  I no longer
> > have any Tandy External HD's but then, with things like MISE and FreHD
> > why would one still want one other than for nostalgia.
> >
> > bill
> Although I never had one, I beleive Tandy made an adapter that plugged
> into the Model 1 expansion bus (40 pin) and gave you a (cut down?)
> Model 3 expansion bus (50 pin). As you suggest it was commonly used
> to connect Model 3 hard disks to the Model 1, but I think it worked with
> some other devices too.
> -tony

Tony is probably correct here.


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