Info Needed: DATARAM DR-111 PDP-11 Unibus 16KW Core Memory

steven at steven at
Wed Apr 5 08:27:07 CDT 2017

Systems Glitch said
> Looking for any information and/or documentation on DATARAM DR-111 (assembly
> 61101) 16Kx16 core memory boards for the Unibus. I've got four in unknown
> condition, one with a clearly destroyed 8T37.

> I have a large format scanner with ADF and can digitize print sets if necessary.

> Thanks,
> Jonathan

For anyone else that may be interested, I've scanned the full version of this manual that
comprises the installation guide, description, system specifications, theory of operation,
timing chart, full schematic and manifest. I believe there is a DR-111 document floating
around that is the installation guide only, hence the reason for this new scan.
You can find it at
It's about 6Mb.

I have a stack of other docs to be done from my road trip to recover the FOX 2/10
last year, including the PDP-11/15 print set.


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