Old manuals (Univac, IBM, Burroughs, Teletype)

Dave Babcock dave at babcock-family.org
Wed Apr 5 01:00:41 CDT 2017

Hello Todd,

I am a volunteer at the Computer History Museum.  I led the museum's 
full restoration of an IBM 1620 several years ago 

I am currently leading a new effort, the /IBM 1620 Jr./, to create an 
operational, hands-on exhibit using a real IBM 1620 front panel driven 
by a Raspberry Pi.  As part of that effort, I'm writing a new, 
cycle-level simulator.  The existing simulators, like SimH, are 
instruction-level and cannot drive the front panel.

The simulator work could greatly benefit from the IBM 1620 & 1622 
manuals and system diagrams that you have.

I'd be happy to pay for any shipping costs.

When this project is complete, the manuals will be donated to the museum 
to add to their collection of IBM 1620 documents.

Dave Babcock

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