Microcomputer and misc for sale

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 22:57:18 CDT 2017

Looking to make some space so i can work on some of the bigger gear i have
sitting around here. All this stuff was stored in a climate controlled
environment. I pick up interesting things whenever i can, be it at the
scrapyard, flea markets, etc, that is where most of this came from. I
worked in a computer shop for a while, a lot came from customers too, You
would be supersized what people would drag in.Fix it up... interest fades,
and then it starts looking like a museum.

3-4 commodore 64's. many 1541 disk drives, documentation, software.
Datassete in tattered box.

trs 80 coco -  bent corner, works

Vic20  1525 graphics plotter / printer.

apple IIc - works -  keyboard sticks sometimes

commodore 64  1702 monitor

zenith portable / luggable, complete, second drive sticks/ jams. Boots to

Boxed copy of ms dos 6.22 upgrade

boxed borland C++

boxed masm

like new in box tandy 1400 FD computer. excellent shape. Will not power on
from wall jack, tapped into the 6v battery lead and it works fine, some
kind of power jack issue. charging jack works intermittantly.

Atari portfolio

commmodore amiga 500 with keyboard. Never bothered with it. Has scsi
controller, no hard drive. Ordered a floppy to boot it to workbench, it did
so. God knows where that floppy is now though...

Hp 9000 desktop with related peripherals. boots to hp basic.
External enclosure, hard drive and floppy drive
External enclosure, dual floppy drive.
Tiny inkjet printer

(all the above gear is uses HPIB connection. Plan was to get this all wired
into my logic analyzer and other bench instruments, never bothered)

This list may be updated in the next week or so as i find more, feel free
to ask questions or inquire on pricing.  Not looking to strike it rich, but
not just giving it away either.

Im shifting my focus to mainly DEC and SGI gear. I love picking up the
microcomputer stuff, but i just do not need that many machines. I have a
nice commodore 64, that should be enough for now.

That all being said, if anyone has a vax 780 for sale in florida.....


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