DEC PDP-14 Programmable Controller simulator

Charles Dickman chd at
Tue Apr 4 19:21:13 CDT 2017

I have written a PDP-14 simulator using the simh framework. Paired
with a PDP-8 simulator as a front end it passes all the DEC
diagnostics. A pointless effort, perhaps, because there isn't much
that can be done with it without connecting it to something to

In the course of research, I saw that there was an option to replace
the braided core ROM that was standard, with a R/W core memory. It
used a 4k memory module from the PDP-11 (MM11-E) with a special
interface module in the PDP-14. I can find no documentation for the
interface other than the wire-wrap list for the slot in the PDP-14
that it went into. From the signals available I have not been able to
reverse engineer the instructions used to write the core or any detail
really on how it might have been used.

The option was MM14-A consisting of an interface (M7407), memory
(MM11-E), chassis, and power supply.

If anybody is still reading, I would be very interested in ANY
information about it.


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