DCC-116 E / DATA GENERAL NOVA 2/10 / Nixdorf 620 - Restoring and restarting

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Tue Apr 4 09:38:22 CDT 2017

On 4/4/2017 7:09 AM, Dominique Carlier via cctalk wrote:
> Concerning the PSU I will analyze your suggestions.
> Concerning the memory, I analyzed more in detail, I think finally that 
> all the memory is core type, 1 X 16KW (it is marked on it) and 2 X 8KW 
> (according to the size of the core package in comparison with the 16KW 
> board). Thus a total of 32KW.
> For transmission via serial port, unfortunately I do not have this 
> "basic board" in slot 3 (TTY), it's empty. Can we still find board 
> like this? 
The design is 4 x 74181, which is potentially a 16 bit processor. The 
74181 is a common ALU for systems, can the number of bits of 74181 
adders are frequently an indicator of the width of the CPU.

The Serial port may be elsewhere.  I'd look for RS232 level shifters 
(probably 1488 and 1489s) and a UART on other boards.  You may be out of 
luck, but sometimes the serial may be in another area in systems.

Another sign to follow are the silver cans with oscillators, as they can 
be for the system themselves, or for serial I/O.

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