interesting... hp-9000 in the news! - russian-hackers-used-backdoor-two-d...

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Awesome David! now I know what to look for!
I like things with a story for our museum displays...   the  original one 
always best but next to it is 'one like it'
example  We do not have Tim Berners-Lee's NeXT cube... but  we  have one 
like  it!

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It's an  HP9000 E55. The HP Computer Museum even has one in our  collection!

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>>  interesting... hp-9000 in the news!  -  
>>  russian-hackers-used-backdoor-two-decades
> I'm trying to  identify the specific unit. It looks like an early PA-RISC,
> but even  the enlargement doesn't show the model number clearly.
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