interesting... hp-9000 in the news! - russian-hackers-used-backdoor-two-decades

JAMES FEHLINGER jfehlinger at
Mon Apr 3 21:40:07 CDT 2017

Ed Sharpe wrote:

> I'm trying to identify the  specific unit. It looks like an early PA-RISC,
> but even the enlargement doesn't show the model number clearly.

The case matches HP-9000 Series 800 (F-class server) -- one of the lower-end
models (807, F10; 817, F20; 837, F30).  All based on PA-7000 32-bit CPU
(PA-RISC version 1.1a, introduced 1991).

PDFs of "Owner’s Guide to the HP 9000 8x7S Family" (1991)
and "CE Handbook Series 9x7 and Model 8x7S Family" (1992)
are downloadable via links at .

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