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I'm sure that many (ARD?) are rolling their eyes at THAT concept of 
"computer design".

On Mon, 3 Apr 2017, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
> This series of articles focuses mainly on physical design, of cases
> and so on, but there are some technical details in the articles too.

OK, they link that iMac to "Brionvega Algol Portable TV", but not ADM3a.

I remember when the SONY SMC? came out, being surprised at the use of 
obviously Italian design for the case.  But then thinking that case design 
was an option that was not closely tied to the engineering, and that we 
would be likely to see cubes, pizza boxes, cylinders, etc.
The Cray couch was lovely.

I figured that there would be a lot of success at going after form factor 
of a pad of paper, and screen and keyboard folding together, and much less 
success (for a while longer) at building it into a pen (early attempts 
would be too bulky and taint the idea).  And that someday we would see 
truly insane/innovative/impractical ideas such spheres or as shaping like 
a light bulb, or human head.
But, like telephones or TVs, design has settled into a few specific forms.

I was expecting more modular built into furniture designs.  Without a 
modular form for easy replacement/upgrade, buying a desk with built-in 
computer, or computer with built-in desk would be too much of a lock-in.
Closest that was successful has been desks with a keyboard shelf, and 
printer cabinet.

When will 4x8 drywall substitution TV/monitors be around?  What used to be 
called "mudding" for seamless joining of panels may be a bit more 
Howzbout a split keyboard built into the arms of my La-Z-Boy?

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