New HP42s clone almost available

Mon Apr 3 02:07:42 CDT 2017

Good  hear it stood the  test of  time! As an HP  PC  dealer in the 80s 
into early 90s   we ha a calculator   contract with HP also and...
we  sold the heck out of them!
Is it the only  one of the 10  series  calcs that stayed in  production?
I have a set of the  special demo versions that were mounted on a  
descriptive plaque 
that had been in the PHX HP Corp demo center... when they redid that   they 
knew I
Hoarded stuff and   sent them over.  For  some of the  10 series that were 
still being used
we had them on the  display  floor  the others went into the  the suites 
next to the business
in the historical display.
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> That is an undertaking  indeed!  I had not seen this....   Ed#
> Someone   said the 12c was still being made?

The 12c never went out of  production.  It has been continuously updated. 
A lot of bankers,  insurance people, etc still rely on them.

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