DCC-116 E / DATA GENERAL NOVA 2/10 / Nixdorf 620 - Restoring and restarting

Dominique Carlier dce at skynet.be
Sun Apr 2 19:11:18 CDT 2017

After the mess, ...


... it was time to reorganize a cool place to continue this restoration :-)



Without the schematics of the two power supplies, I decided to follow 
the tracks on the printed circuits boards from the area where I measured 
the collapsed regulated 5vdc, I start to check the components and try to 
understand the problem alone, I decided to check the 5 big capacitors 
this one is a little bit high but OK


YES ! I finally found a dead one, hourra!! :-)


A 23000µf 15VDC used in the filtering of the regulated 5vdc, but... 
finally no, unfortunately ... it was not the source of the power fail :-/

Tomorrow I continue my investigation and I will check the big capacitors 
of the other power supply in charge of the 15V which is monitored and 
possibly also the cause of the error message.


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