Stuffing boards with pulled QFP chips

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Apr 2 12:40:40 CDT 2017

On 04/02/2017 07:53 AM, Diane Bruce wrote:

> Read this:

There are problems with the site's certificate, but I was able to wget
the paper using the --no-check-certificate option.

Tin whiskers were a big deal around 2005-2012 or so, and then the
discussions suddenly dropped off.  I'm not sure why.

Here's a pretty good paper from about 2011 from Maxim that discusses the

It includes a bit on the danger (or lack thereof) of using lead-based
solders in electronics.   Quite frankly, I wonder why the RoHS people
didn't mandate that lead flashing on roofs, lead canes in stained-glass
windows and a host of other applications weren't banned.


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