New HP42s clone almost available

Sun Apr 2 12:21:37 CDT 2017

That is an undertaking indeed!  I had not seen this....   Ed#
Someone  said the 12c was still being made? 
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A few  months ago I had a prototype of this 42S clone in my hands.
It looked and  felt very promising!
I’ll will buy one when it will be available.
For  those of you who are interested, please follow the discussions on  <> forum.


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> There's a Swiss guy who's made a name for himself by  producing working 
replicas of classic HP calculators.  See  I 
recently discovered his post on Youtube  a video showing off an enhanced 
replica of my favorite HP calculator, the  HP42s.  This one is called the DM42.  
Here's the video:
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