Cleaning RK05 packs

Fritz Mueller fritzm at
Sat Apr 1 16:01:50 CDT 2017

> On Jan 5, 2017, at 8:48 AM, Rick Bensene <rickb at> wrote:
> The method I've used very successfully for unknown packs is:
> 1) I first mount the pack in a drive that has a good absolute filter,
> and has had the head load disabled, and spin it for a few hours.

I’m getting to the point in my RK05 restore where I’m about ready to try spinning up a pack so I can work through the various offline dynamic checks.  I have a pretty clean looking pack to start with (has been stored in plastic bag, etc) that doesn’t have any particularly valuable data (just an RKDP backup, according to the label, and I have the original as well).  But I thought it’d be prudent to give it a clean first anyway just in case.

In step one of the process quoted above, is it enough to put the toggle on the servo amp board in the down position to disable head load?  Or is it best to disable head load in some other way (e.g. jumpers on the backplane, or disconnecting any particular cables?)


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