Thinking about acquiring PDP stuff

Brad H vintagecomputer at
Wed Nov 30 11:37:36 CST 2016

I was born in '75 and my first experiences with computing were my Dad's
early Commodore stuff.  I missed the whole hobbyist era.  To me, DG stuff is
seriously antique.  When I got my Mark-8 boards they felt a little like Inca
treasure to me.  It's all relative.

It's not that I'm unaware of pre-75 computing, especially big mainframes,
etc.  But given how viciously much deeper pocketed collectors compete for
that stuff, and shipping, and space.. really... that stuff will likely
always be a curiosity for me rather than something to actually collect and

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On 11/30/16 9:15 AM, Brad H wrote:
> When I got
> a dead Digital Group Z80 system, repairing that and getting it 
> operating was like going on an exploration of ancient ruins.

Were you born in the 20th century?

Seriously, for some of us, DG microcomputers are modern.

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