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Hi Toby et., al.

Thanks for the offer to scan. In this particular case, the handbook PDF is available on the internet from several locations. But I am sure we all appreciate your offer for other books that might need preserving. A very generous offer.


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I'm willing to scan any DEC books that are worn out and binding failing.

I have a lot of handbooks etc that I won't cut and scan because they're still in good condition.

But if somebody has falling-apart books, I can get them guillotined and scan them ADF. They can then be rebound - DIY or pay someone to do it. I know at least one bookbinder is on this list :)

Located Toronto, Canada.


On 2016-11-28 10:12 PM, allison wrote:
> On 11/28/2016 09:23 PM, W2HX wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am in the market to obtain the PDP-8/e small computer handbook in the form of a real book. There is one on ABE books available which is softcover. I always worry about a 500 page book in softcover in terms of the binding and general sturdiness. Was there a hardcover version of this book and does anyone have one for sale?
>> Thanks
>> Eugene W2HX
> The soft cover was common.  In 40 years I've never seen a hard cover 
> version even inside DEC.
> Mine is old, its shows wear but its still useful.  I expect in time it 
> will start to fall apart but like many of the others from DEC I've 
> made repairs that kept those intact if not pretty.
> There are two issues, the binding glue drying and cracking, the other 
> is high acid paper.
> Allison

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