OT: Looking for Jos Dreesen (Lilith Emulator MIA / ECRM cards

jos jos.dreesen at greenmail.ch
Mon Nov 28 01:36:19 CST 2016

On 28.11.2016 07:12, jim stephens wrote:
> On 11/27/2016 7:04 PM, W2HX wrote:
>> Sorry for the bandwidth. Looking for Jos Dreesen who back in 2005 mentioned on this list that he had documentation on the ECRM OCR system.  Please contact me if you can.
>> Thanks
>> Eugene
> I gave a look for Jos for Eugene and discovered that all of the sources for his Lilith machine emulator were pointed at a dyndns address which is now dead.  I grabbed the emulator and sources and have some version, but would like to see it hosted somewhere that it can be located.
> Hunted for "Lilith Emulator, emulith (with and without Dreesen)" and only found dead links.
> thanks
> Jim

Was posting to this very list just 2 days ago....

My Lilith emulator "emulith" lives at ftp.dreesen.ch/Emulith, and has been for some time.

The emulator has not been updated recently, but that might change if I can get my second Lilith ( on loan from another collector ) to boot and then dump the HD.

W.r.t. to ECRM cards : I do have all the info, but no way to scan the oversize sheets of paper...

The 5948 card is the most useful : Serial, printer, digital inputs, and papertape reader combined in one Omnibus PCB. They use the standard DEC IOT's

5750 and 5751 together form a 80x25 video output. I seem to remember that it is only active when the 8/E is stopped. It uses DMA to access the core.

The other boards  : 5365  video store board, 5017 video reference board, 5018 interrupt mask board.  All these are hardware assist cards for the OCR process. Useless outside the system they were designed for.

5307 / 5308 are not mentioned in the documentation I have.


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