Magnetic media FTGH!

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> >>> The trouble is I am in the UK, [...]
> >> Yes, that was what I thought the major barrier to just dropping them
> >> on you was [...]
> > Any idea of weight and dimensions?
> For the whole lot, well, "two paper boxes".  I don't know whethe it works
> same way on your side of the pond, but, over here, 8.5"x11"
> printer/copier paper comes in boxes that are approximately 9"x11.5"x17.5".
> I've got two such boxes, each approximately full.
> That, though, is, as I say, the whole lot.  Just the tapes you listed,
> significantly less, but I haven't gone through and picked them out to see
> much less.

I suppose I was thinking about the whole lot, because who knows what
interesting things there might be. However, if that proves prohibitive then
I will take the time to review your list and pick the ones that look to be
the most important. But first I assume we want to see if you can find a
local taker, right?



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